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Company Formation

The Dubai Mainland Company Formation is an area that is famous for its excellent business friendly infrastructure along with a booming economy that offers great scope of expansion to all entrepreneurs.

Therefore, it is no wonder that there is always a lot of demand for efficient and reliable Dubai Mainland Business Setup services. At Relocate Global, we offer the smartest Dubai Mainland Company Formation services that can cover all kinds of business setup requirements. Although the process of company formation for the Dubai Mainland is rather complex. Our experts can perfectly take care of all critical aspects associated with it and provide customers with the peace of mind that they seek. We have been operating as a professional consultant for business setup in Dubai for many years. While company formation can seem to be rather time consuming and challenging. We can perfectly take care of the whole process and offer great support to customers.

Process for Dubai Mainland Business Setup

When you are looking to go through a Mainland company Formation in UAE. It is necessary that you learn everything that you can about setting up your company in the mainland Dubai business scene. You will need to get in touch with a UAE agency, entity or a UAE national who can serve as a registered local sponsor to represent your business. The local sponsor will also have to enter an agreement according to which he or she won’t be able to enter directly in profit sharing or company operations.

For getting a professional license associated with Mainland Dubai Company Formation. An investor can have complete ownership but he still needs to have a dedicated local service agent to represent the company. This means that while a local service agent does not play any active role in relation to profit sharing or other operations.

  Mainland Company Formation in UAE Requirements

When it comes to mainland company setup in UAE, it necessary to have a properly verified office address obtained from the Dubai Municipality. The office space requirement for Dubai mainland business setup can vary based on the license type an investor is applying for. For instance, the space requirement for Mainland Company Formation Dubai may be different than for a public shareholding company. It is also the responsibility of the investor to prepare a valid tenancy office space contract while applying for Dubai mainland company license.

There are mainly 6 steps associated with mainland company formation in Dubai . There are also some activities associated with Mainland company formation that require special approvals from Government departments. Here are the 6 main steps associated with Dubai mainland Business Setup

  • Selection of Business Activity along with Name
  • Approval Selection of Service Agent or Local Partner
  • Applying for the Initial Approval for the Mainland company setup
  • Preparation of MOA and Court Notarization
  • Getting Contact ready for Office Space and Legal Tenancy
  • Final Submission for the Mainland company formation in UAE

Relocate Global is one of the Mainland Company Formation Specialist in UAE offering complete business solutions including local sponsorship and shared office options in the heart of City. Feel free to call us +971 58 516 1599 or email your inquiry at [email protected]

The Free Zones in UAE are specialized economic zones in the country offering 100% foreign ownership, Freezone Company Formation in Dubai offers you tax free and free custom duty to the expatriate investors. Such advantages make free zone company formation some of the most favorable hubs for carrying out business activities.

The Free Zones in Middle East are ideal for international operations, which is why they attract numerous international firms trying to attain the distinct advantage. The free zones of UAE are not subjected to the commercial company law. In other words, the Free Zones in UAE and Dubai are basically considered to be free from the jurisdiction of United Arab Emirates and fall under the regulations and rules associated with the free zone.

Dubai FreeZone Company Formation

The distinct advantages offered by the Free Zones in different parts of UAE make them extremely worthwhile areas to conduct business on a regular basis. It is therefore no surprise that international companies are always looking for Free Zone Company Setup UAE services to set up their operations in the free zones. In order to make sure that a company is set up properly in the freezone without any hassles and that all paperwork associated with the process is handled without errors, the business owner needs to get in touch with a reliable company formation expert with many years of experience in UAE freezone business.

When you are looking to benefit from expert Dubai Free Zone Company Setup , you should definitely get in touch with us as we have the necessary skill and experience in providing thorough and dedicated solutions. Our experts can take care of all procedures associated with Dubai free zone company formation and provide you with award winning solutions for business setup in Dubai and company registration services for all the free zones in different parts of UAE. When you get in touch with us for Free Zone Company Setup UAE , we can guide you through all the formalities and procedures associated with free zone company formation. This can naturally provide you with the peace of mind that you seek. With our trusted advisory services, you can focus on the core aspects of running your business.

Here is a brief list of free zones in different parts of UAE.


The Best Free Zones in Dubai.
Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)
  • Intl. Humanitarian City Free Zone
  • Zones Corp Free Zone
  • Dubai Flower Center Free Zone
  • Dubai International Financial Center Free Zone (DIFC FZ)


  • Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (Saif Zone)
  • Hamriyah Free Zone

Abu Dhabi

  • Zones Corp
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone
  • Abu Dhabi Ports Company
  • Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)

Benefits of Dubai Freezone Company Formation

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • No restrictions on capital repatriation
  • 0% corporate tax
  • 0% personal income tax
  • No duties required to be paid for imports and re-exports
  • No restrictions on the use of currency

Dubai and the other Emirates present with excellent business scopes for the investors from all parts of the world as they set up their companies in the free zones. Dubai also provides a very liberal working environment along with company setup procedures. So get in touch with us at Relocate Global today when you are looking for Free Zone Company Setup.

Have you ever felt that your company is not being able to live up to your expectations when it comes to raking in the profits? Offshore Company Formation – Then you are not alone as plenty of business firms all over the world feel the same way every day.

One of the main factors responsible for this is that the taxes levied on business transactions are often huge in many parts of the world, making it difficult for their owners to boost their profit margins. In such cases, the best thing for you to do would be to set up an offshore company in some other part of the world where there is a low tax or no tax policy.

An offshore company is also known as a non-resident company or an international business company. It is a form of legal structure that allows a company to benefit from low tax or no-tax environment so that it leads to enhanced wealth management.

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

  • 100% tax free
  • 100% customs duty free
  • Suitable for all types of international businesses
  • Complete repatriation of all investments and profits
  • Multi-currency bank accounts
  • No requirement of office space
  • 100% foreign ownership with no need for local national involvement
  • Liberal policies relating to opening and maintaining of bank accounts
  • Fast incorporation – can be completed within a matter of 2 or 3 working days

UAE is one of the major destinations in the world when it comes to the opening of offshore companies. The open and liberal approach of the local government, along with highly developed infrastructure has made it a great a place to carry out international business activities. UAE has got numerous free zones that make it possible for international business firms to set up their offshore companies and be benefitted from them. Companies that have chosen to make use of Offshore Company Formation services in UAE have seen a sharp rise in their profits almost immediately.

Advantages of opening offshore companies in UAE

  • Easy accessibility to international trading opportunities
  • Offshore firms can often serve as holding companies
  • There are great scopes of investment here in UAE
  • With a UAE offshore company, a business firm can enhance its financial position easily
  • UAE offers some of the most efficient professional services that make it easier to run offshore companies

If you are looking to benefit from Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, you need to get in touch with a service provider capable of providing you with the best professional guidance. At Reloacte Global, we pride ourselves on being one of the best offshore company setup service providers in all of UAE. As a highly reputed Offshore Company Formation in Dubai Setup solutions expert, we offer a range of services to our clients that can help them to settle very easily in the various free zones of UAE. With our help, you can set up your offshore company in UAE in a very short time and get started with your regular business activities.