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Canada Immigration Visa

Canada Immigration Visa

Canada is well recognized for friendliness, welcoming locals and rich cultural background. Being an underpopulated country, it currently seeks immigrants to come take up certain roles. If you want to migrate to Canada from Dubai or other parts of the world, you can be sure of a better quality of life, low unemployment rates and a chance at becoming a full Canadian citizen in just a space of three years. From big cities that are rich in history and culture to smaller towns that are set in the mountains, Canada offers something to everyone and at Sync Visas, we will be glad to help anyone who is looking at moving from Dubai to Canada, with a thorough expertise required to navigate the different visas available. Have fun with a jogar show ball gratis.

Skill Shortage

Being a vast country with a population of a little over 35 million, Canada depends on its skilled workers to keep the economy running. This is the reason why immigrants with skills are encouraged to migrate. This is actually the best time to move, as there are still many skilled workers’ shortages. There is a huge number of Canada visa available including Canada work visa, Canada Skilled migrant visa, Canada student visa, Canada investor visa etc. and our team at Sync visas offer to help you find the right kind of visa, one that you are eligible for.

Unlike many countries with a list of the kinds of occupations they want skilled people to apply for, Canada accepts everyone from all professions, as long as you have skill. If you want to migrate to Canada from Dubai and have gotten a decent educational background plus a good work experience, then you are free to submit your Canada visa application for the Canada Skilled migrant visa, regardless of what you do for a living.


There are basically two official languages in Canada, English and French. Most residents are fluent in these two languages. If you have a considerable level of fluency in French and you are looking to migrate to Canada from Dubai, then you will have better options in Provinces like Quebec via the Quebec Skilled worker program which gives you access to one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Points System

Canada uses a point system to assess skilled migrants, just like a handful of other countries who apply for visas. These points, which are based on qualifications, age, employment experience, financial capability etc, form a part of the Canada Visa requirements to successfully migrate to Canada.

The number of points is based on factors such as:

  • Qualifications
  • Age
  • Employment experience
  • Whether you have family already in Canada
  • Whether you have a job lined up for your arrival
  • Savings

It’s a good idea to get a free assessment through us before you apply for visas, as you’ll be able to work out what you’re eligible for.


Life In Canada

Canada is a very attractive country for anyone thinking of working abroad, as the government of Canada look after their citizen pretty well. Their healthcare system is very good and their education system is highly effective. The moment your children become Canadian citizens, they get to enjoy cheap university fees with many world-class colleges to select from. These reasons are just a few of the reasons why migrating to Canada from Dubai would be a perfect choice for families and why trying to get full citizenship will be worth it.

Here at Sync visas, we assist people to get the visas they require to migrate abroad to enjoy better life quality. Anyone who is moving to Canada from Dubai will often go through the long process of obtaining a visa but we can expedite the process and make it shorter and smoother with all options employed as we get you set for your new country. Sync Visas Immigration Consultants in Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait are Ready to help you

Family Visa

Canada Spouse Visa

This visa will allow the spouse of a Canadian citizen or PR holder to migrate to Canada The spouse visa will allow you to settle permanently in Canada. You would need to show that you are married to or in a common law relationship to a Canadian Citizen or PR holder. The great news is that it will lead to Canadian Citizenship.

Canada Spouse Visa

The Canada spouse visa is designed for those who have spouses or common law partners who are citizens or permanent residents in Canada. The visa will allow the spouse who is a foreign national to migrate to Canada to be with their spouse who is a Canadian citizen on a permanent basis.

The Canada visa requirements for this visa include a proof of relationship between the Canadian citizen who is your spouse or common law partner. This proof will include marriage certificates, pictures and other documents.

If you are looking for job opportunities in Canada and you have a spouse who is a citizen, you don’t need to go through another means, this is the best option for you as it also gives you access to work and live in Canada. You are welcome to talk to us at Relocate Global. Our expert immigration consultants in Dubai are willing to help you through your Canada visa application process. We are not only experts in Canada visas, we also specialize in migration from Dubai to Australia. So you are free to consult with us concerning your visa from Canada to Australia from Dubai.

All applications passed through our assessment process get higher chances of doing well at the consulate eventually. We do thorough checks to the minutest detail and give you a honest report of your application. If you are satisfied, we can go ahead and if you are not, we can pursue a different visa. You are welcome to give us a call if you have any questions at all concerning migrating to Canada.

Skilled Migration


Apply For A Permanent Residence Visa For Canada Through Express Entry System.
The great news is that this visa leads to Canadian Passport.

All occupation can apply.

  • Easy to score 67 points.
  • Guaranteed Canada Visa.
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Visa will allow you to live, work and migrate to Canada.
  • Eligibility for Permanent Residence is based on 5 factors only, your age, occupation, work experience, education and English Language ability.

Provincial Nominee Programme Immigration Visa

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program, apart from other visas to Canada, is one of the viable and easy ways to gain permanent residence permit in Canada. The holder is also free to access the jobs in Canada and apply for these jobs.

The Canadian government allow provinces, in a way to relieve their labor shortages, to open up their own Nomination Programs. These programs allow applicants from foreign countries to apply directly to the State or Province for permanent residency, rather than forwarding the application to the Canadian government. Canada visa application of this type is only accepted from skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors.

At The Moment, Applicants Can Send Their Applications Directly To These Provinces Since They Are Currently Open To Receive Applications:

1.Manitoba Province. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program requires that the applicant have a close relative or a friend who already lives in Manitoba Province as well as meet the required point score.

2.Nova Scotia Province. The Nova Scotia Provincial Nomine program requires that applicants should have at least 67 points to quality.

3.Saskatchewan Province. The Canada visa requirements for the Saskatchewan Province is that applicants must be in the general Express Entry Canada pool first before they can be nominated.

Relocated Visas is proud to let you know that we have Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai who are seasoned in this Provincial Nominee Program and are well informed as per how to get into any province of your choice. You can also consult us concerning visas from Canada to Australia from Dubai.

Successful applicants of the nominee program are granted permanent residency and are free to bring in family to work and live in Canada. They are also free to access the free healthcare and educational services for children. After 3 years, they are free to apply for Canadian Citizenship.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Permit

The Quebec Skilled Worker Visa will allow you to live, work and migrate to Canada.

Eligibility for Permanent Residence is based on 5 factors only, your age, occupation, work experience, education and English Language ability. The great news is that this visa leads to Canadian Citizenship!

Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

This is another fantastic Canadian program offering Permanent Residency!

If you have an interest in Quebec or perhaps you speak French or have thought about learning French, then this beautiful province is for you. The Quebec Permanent Residency Migration Visa leads to a Canadian passport and is permanent residency from arrival! It offers you and your family the chance to live in work in this beautiful province were the language is both French and English.

So where to begin:

1) Occupation List
Ok, so the great news is there is absolutely no occupation list. Yes- that’s right, Quebec will accept any occupation any person of any occupation is eligible to apply. You can however score additional points if the subject of your degree or diploma is listed on the required areas of training list. This applies to both vocational and academic qualifications and most subjects are listed on there!

2) Points Assessment
For the Quebec Skilled Worker Program you need to score 55 points. This is actually quite a low milestone. These points are calculated on the following: your age, your work experience, your education, your French and English language ability. More emphasis is placed on your French language ability. You can score additional points if you have any close relatives living in Quebec or if you/partner have studied or worked in Quebec previously . You will even earn 2 bonus points if you have previously visited this part of Canada.

3) Application For Selection Certificate
Once we have confirmed your points score, and don’t worry our Quebec attorney’s will make sure you are fully eligible. We now need to compile all your documents and submit your application for a selection certificate. At this point you would need all your supporting documents including, qualification certificates and work experience documents. The great news is that most of our clients receive their approvals within 9 months or so. Its as easy as that. For your added peace of mind, Sync Visas will ensure that your file is processed professionally and correctly via our Quebec Attorney’s!

Student Visas

Some of the best educational systems in the world is found in Canada. If you are a student planning to further your education or startup your higher education in Canada, you may want to consider our niche offering which we believe will be a great value to you. You are welcome to apply for the Canada student visa which grants you access to all the best schools in Canada. This is type of express entry Canada visa as it is issued almost instantly.


  • While you are studying, you are free to bring in your family to live in Canada for up to 4 years.
  • Your dependent is free to work full time or part time
  • Once your degree is completed, you will be granted a 3 year work permit by the Government of Canada so that you can look for job opportunities in Canada and work full time.
  • While you are working, you are free to apply for permanent residence which can eventually lead to Citizenship for you and your family.
Visit Visa

Canada Visit Visa

The Canada visit visa, also known as Temporary Residence Permit is a type of express entry Canada visa offered to foreign nationals by the Canadian government, granting them access to see the country. This visa will allow foreign nationals to enter and visit Canada only for business or pleasure for up to 6 months per time, but such many not look for jobs in Canada or work with the same visa.

There are many visas to Canada that grant access to Canada. It all depends on the purpose of visit. If you are planning to visit Canada and don’t know what kind of Canada visa application to complete, you are welcome to talk to us at Sync Visas. Our Canada immigration consultants in Dubai are ever ready to guide you in selecting the best visa for you.

Once you meet the Canada visa requirements for the visit visa, your visa will be granted by the consulate. The processing time is for only a few weeks or less. If you have been thinking of seeing the beauty of Canada or you just want to visit a couple of friends or family members, there is no better visa than this. You are also welcome to ask us at Relocate Global about other visas, should you be considering other countries apart from Canada. We can help you with visas from Canada to Australia from Dubai and vice versa. Our experts are highly resourceful and good at what they do. We can make the whole process, which is usually stressful for first timers, a very easy one for you.

Work Permit

Get a Canadian Work Permit and be eligible to live and work in Canada! It is a very easy process with over 210,000 applicants each year moving to Canada this way Get help with finding employers! The great news is that you can take your family with you and this is one path to Canadian Citizenship!

  • Canada Work Permit Visa
  • Initially granted 2 years work permit, can extend for a further 2 years
  • Can lead to Permanent Residency via an application for PR
  • Sponsor Dependent’s and family members
  • Live and work anywhere in Canada
  • Very fast processing

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