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Denmark  Immigration Visas

Situated in the Northern parts of Europe, Denmark is made up of the Jutland Peninsula and 443 other named islands. Acclaimed for its captivating and breath-taking scenery and the hospitality of its people, it is really no big surprise that Denmark is frequently ranked as the happiest country in the world according to cross-national studies on happiness. Not only that, Denmark also boasts of one of the world’s highest per capita incomes.

With a massive population of about 5.5 million, the government is bent on attracting skilled immigrants who are willing to migrate to Denmark and settle-down, integrate and join the workforce. If you Denmark visa application for the Denmark Skilled migrant visa is successful, you get a Denmark work visa which allows you to work and live in Denmark. With a big job market with shortfalls in skilled hands, Denmark is one of the places to get paid for what you know.

Denmark economy is one of the strongest in Europe and its location in Europe helps make it one of the attraction places to be. It offers benefits in healthcare, free education and eligibility for the Danish citizenship to immigrants who successful apply for the Denmark visa.

Our best-practice approach in handling visa applications guarantees that your application will be checked in detail and confirmed that you meet all the criteria required to qualify before you become our client.

Green Card & Permanent Residency

The Danish Green Card will allow you to live, work and migrate to Denmark. Eligibility for Permanent Residence is based on 5 factors only, your age, occupation, work experience, education and English Language ability. The great news is that this visa leads to Danish Citizenship.


Permanent Residence Visa For Denmark

If you need Denmark visa information, you are welcome to speak with our Denmark immigration consultants in Dubai about visas to Denmark, jobs in Denmark, how to migrate to Denmark from Dubai and the Denmark visa requirements. All your questions will be handled by some of the best immigration experts in the industry and a detailed guide on how to go about your application will be made available to you.

The Permanent Residence visa from Denmark allows you to migrate to Denmark from Dubai, live and work without restrictions within the Denmark airspace. All who are to be eligible for this visa must have enough points accrued from Educational background, work experience, age, language proficiency and occupation. There are many other visas to Denmark but grants the holder access to citizenship after a couple of years of living in Denmark.

Denmark has certain skills that are required and these skills are listed in the Positive List. People with occupations on the PL get more points than people who are applying with any other skill. Your skill, your age, education, work experience and language abilities are very important. Once an applicant has the right number of points, they are free to proceed to submit their credentials and Denmark visa application for final assessment.

Most of our clients’ at Relocate Global have been able to obtain their Denmark visas through us. We provide a detailed guide and do a thorough scrutiny of your documents for errors. Your chances are therefore higher with us, as long as you have all the required documents and points to support your application.

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